Incident on Network Equipment 26 Feb 2010

Feb 26, 2010  - written by

This evening at 18:46 CET a line card in one of our distribution switches suffered a hardware fai...

And now: Gandi V3.0.1

Feb 11, 2010  - written by

Gandi V.3.0.1 is out, and presents you with some popular improvements.

Ubuntu 9.10 available

Feb 8, 2010  - written by

Version 9.10 of Ubuntu is finally available for use with your Gandi VPS.

.LU for everyone

Feb 2, 2010  - written by

The .LU extension is now available to all. To celebrate we have lowered their rates by 25%

Kernel and dist updates

Jan 27, 2010  - written by

Expert servers: OS update notice

Gandi V3.0.0.1: Onwards and upwards!

Jan 18, 2010  - written by

We are pleased to bring you the first revision of Gandi V3, taking your feedback into account...

Gandi Version 3.0.0

Jan 12, 2010  - written by

A new version of Gandi for a new beginning. Tell us what you think of it at the GandiBar!

Bug with your account?

Jan 11, 2010  - written by

See a bug in your account caused by Gandi V3? Please contact our customer care service to let us ...

Increase to 24 shares

Jan 11, 2010  - written by

New with Gandi V3: VPS can now have up to 24 shares (as opposed to 16), for a total of 6GB of RAM.