Gandi Mail update

Mar 12, 2010  - written by

As a result of increasing levels of misuse of our Gandi Mail service, we are obliged to take imme...

Gandi Mail Maintenance (Completed)

Mar 9, 2010  - written by

We have encountered an issue with one of our mailbox filers.  Maintenance is underway to correct ...

Network incident! (fixed)

Mar 5, 2010  - written by

Domain name operations have been temporarily suspended due to a network incident.

Invalid promo code?

Mar 4, 2010  - written by

Did you get a promo code that seems to be invalid? Click here.

Gandi is 10!!!!!

Mar 1, 2010  - written by

For our 10-year anniversary, we are giving away 55,000 domains from March 1st to the 10th..

Incident on Network Equipment 26 Feb 2010

Feb 26, 2010  - written by

This evening at 18:46 CET a line card in one of our distribution switches suffered a hardware fai...

And now: Gandi V3.0.1

Feb 11, 2010  - written by

Gandi V.3.0.1 is out, and presents you with some popular improvements.

Ubuntu 9.10 available

Feb 8, 2010  - written by

Version 9.10 of Ubuntu is finally available for use with your Gandi VPS.

.LU for everyone

Feb 2, 2010  - written by

The .LU extension is now available to all. To celebrate we have lowered their rates by 25%