Maximize your chances at getting a newly released domain

09.18.2018 - written by

A l'occasion du lancement d'une nouvelle extension, vous êtes nombreux à vouloir sécuriser l'enre...


Promotion on sixteen TLDs extended

09.06.2018 - written by

The promotion on .agency, .guru, .world, .services, .network, .email, .solutions, .systems, .city...

Changes in Gandi’s Private Domain Registration

07.11.2018 - written by

Following GDPR going into effect, we're making some changes to our Private domain registration.

DNSSEC in one click

07.10.2018 - written by

You can now activate DNSSEC in one click using LiveDNS on Gandi v5.

Our #GandiV5 reseller platform is now open in beta

07.03.2018 - written by

We are now starting tests on the new dedicated interface for our reseller customers.

Join the Gandi team!

06.26.2018 - written by

Starting with just three people in Paris in 1999, we've grown to more than 120, spread across Asi...

How to register a domain you’ll share a million times?

06.20.2018 - written by

How to pick a domain that will work in any context.


On promotion and in GoLive: .icu

06.01.2018 - written by

As of May 29, 2018, .icu domains are open to everyone on a first come, first served basis. Even b...

Correction of a Simple Hosting security breach via Git

06.01.2018 - written by

A security breach has been corrected on Simple Hosting instances using Git.