Join the .fan club

10.05.2018 - written by

As of October 2, .fan is now open for registrations!

Gandi Social Club, an event that does good!

10.04.2018 - written by

This Tuesday, October 2, we launched a new series: the Gandi Social Club, which brought together ...

Think of your website as a tool

09.29.2018 - written by

It might seem obvious that creating a website is one use for a domain name. But don't start by as...

Welcome, Cloudflare Registrar!

09.28.2018 - written by

Yesterday, Cloudflare announced they'll be launching a new domain name registrar.


Deluxe .luxe domains are now at Gandi

09.27.2018 - written by

Les noms de domaine en .LUXE arrivent chez Gandi !

Maximize your chances at getting a newly released domain

09.18.2018 - written by

Whenever a new TLD launches, the rush to lock-in the registration of desirable domains begins.


Promotion on sixteen TLDs extended

09.06.2018 - written by

The promotion on .agency, .guru, .world, .services, .network, .email, .solutions, .systems, .city...

Changes in Gandi’s Private Domain Registration

07.11.2018 - written by

Following GDPR going into effect, we're making some changes to our Private domain registration.

DNSSEC in one click

07.10.2018 - written by

You can now activate DNSSEC in one click using LiveDNS on Gandi v5.