Important updates to our hosted kernels

Feb 4, 2016  - written by

New defaults, deprecations and upgrades

Introducing FreeBSD and trimming down the official image list

Dec 23, 2015  - written by

We're introducing FreeBSD and deprecating older images on IaaS

Boot with ‘$ npm start’ and minor Node.js version upgrades

Dec 15, 2015  - written by

Boot your apps your way on Simple Hosting

Packet-journey, a free software router for Linux based on DPDK

Dec 8, 2015  - written by

We developed a free software-based routing alternative with source code under BSD license. Pull r...

KVM vulnerability: reboot required on certain IaaS servers

Nov 16, 2015  - written by

Some Gandi hosting customers will be impacted the November 19th by a reboot of IaaS servers.

Reboot required on certain IaaS servers

Oct 21, 2015  - written by

Some Gandi hosting customers will be impacted from Thu, Oct. 22 until Wed, Oct. 28 by a reboot of...

WordPress 4.3.1 is available. With 26 bugs and 3 vulnerabilities fi...

Sep 16, 2015  - written by

Version 4.3.1 of WordPress corrects two XSS vulnerabilities and another permitting escalation of ...

New Linux kernels (3.12.45 and 3.18) on HVM platform, end of AUFS s...

Aug 11, 2015  - written by

Starting today, every server that is created or rebooted on our HVM platform will automatically u...

Free disk space for your instances

Aug 10, 2015  - written by

This August we have some promos that you can use to add additional disk space for free.