Free disk space for your instances

Aug 10, 2015  - written by

This August we have some promos that you can use to add additional disk space for free.

Gandi site update to version 7

Aug 6, 2015  - written by

The time came to update the version of BaseKit running our Gandi Site product to version 7. There...

Gandi Site Maintenance and Upgrade

Jul 20, 2015  - written by

Gandi Site services will be temporarily unavailable starting on July 21st at 1 AM for maintenance...

Venom vulnerability: Reboot required on certain servers

May 14, 2015  - written by

Some hosting customers will be impacted Tuesday, May 26 by a reboot of IaaS servers.

New IaaS image available: Debian 8

May 7, 2015  - written by

You can now create Gandi virtual machines running the new Debian 8.

GoLive! .hosting

Feb 24, 2015  - written by

.hosting domains can now be registered at Gandi.

Prices reduced for Gandi Cloud hosting

Feb 19, 2015  - written by

Our IaaS cloud hosting systems are now available for less!

New version of gandi-hosting-vm2 available for Xen and HVM

Feb 18, 2015  - written by

Version 2.5-1 comes packed with improvements for both platforms.

PVLAN: A private network for your stack, now faster and easier

Feb 3, 2015  - written by

Virtual private networks are now even easier at Gandi.