The Early Access Program: a Landrush of a different color

Feb 4, 2014  - written by

With the much-anticipated arrival of the first new Donuts extensions to the EAP phase (a.k.a. ...

Sunrise Tuesdays, 28 Jan: .coffee, .florist, .house, .international...

Jan 28, 2014  - written by

Today is Tuesday, and you know what that means: another Sunrise begins for 5 new Donuts gTLDs.

.info is 50% off!

Jan 27, 2014  - written by

Registrations of .info domain names are 50% off during February.

Sunrise Tuesdays: .link, .education and more

Jan 22, 2014  - written by

..including the highly anticipated .link and .education, as well as the first obscure European ge...

Launch of .email

Jan 18, 2014  - written by

5 new TLDs are being introduced this week, including the popular .email extension.

2014’s first batch of new TLDs

Jan 7, 2014  - written by

2014's first batch of new TLDs includes .academy, .center, .computer, .management, and .systems.

The launch of .domains, .company, .cab and .limo

Jan 3, 2014  - written by

This week marks the introduction of several more new TLDs.

Get your .sexy domain

Dec 24, 2013  - written by

The new .sexy and .tattoo top-level domains are ready to go. Get your .sexy domain!

Big .ASIA promo

Dec 24, 2013  - written by

Happy new year! And it is starting with this wonderful promo on .ASIA domains for only 4 bucks.