DNSSEC Records at Gandi

Mar 6, 2012  - written by

Do you run your own name servers? Want to sign your DNS requests? Check out DNSSEC support at ...

.RO domains at Gandi

Mar 1, 2012  - written by

Gandi is pleased to offer another European extension.

.GG and .JE available

Mar 1, 2012  - written by

.GG and .JE domains can now be registered with Gandi!

.CA sold at cost!

Feb 15, 2012  - written by

We are selling .CA domains at cost for the first year, until April 1st !

Gandi Supports the EFF

Dec 29, 2011  - written by

Gandi will donate $1 per inbound transfer to help the EFF fight SOPA until Jan15. 4719  as of Jan...

.ASIA creation promo

Dec 14, 2011  - written by

There is a great start of the year promo for this Eastern extension: $6 for the creation of a .AS...

Gandi is moving!

Dec 14, 2011  - written by

Gandi is moving to a larger and more modern location in Paris this week.

Big Promo on .CO!

Dec 13, 2011  - written by

.CO domains will be 50% off the regular price until end of May 2012!

.PRO at 75% off

Nov 17, 2011  - written by

Extension: there is a new version of .PRO that is easier, faster, and less expensive!