One- and two-character .lu domains are opening! And they’re n...

Nov 2, 2020  - written by

Starting November 2, 2020 through November 30, 2020, the Restena Foundation, the registry for .lu...

Increase your uptime with Premium DNS

Oct 28, 2020  - written by

Protect your business from DDoS attacks and guarantee the availability of your online services th...

Introducing premium .jobs domains

Oct 27, 2020  - written by

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, premium .jobs domains will go live on our platform.

Cozy Banks, your bank account managing assistant

Oct 21, 2020  - written by

Easy and intuitive, Cozy Banks is a banking app created by Cozy Cloud for their personal, open so...

How to prepare your e-commerce site for Black Friday this year

Oct 14, 2020  - written by

This year, Black Friday will likely be a little different. Here are our tips for how to handle th...

Gandi supports Ma Dada

Oct 13, 2020  - written by

MaDada is a project that aims to facilitate requests for government data in France. The CADA law ...

Share your account without sharing your username!

Oct 8, 2020  - written by

Let your team manage your account and products without sharing your username or password.

Why we blocked mailbox creation for some accounts

Oct 7, 2020  - written by

Last week we quietly introduced a new security feature on our Gandi mail product. Quietly because...

Get discounted .art, premium domains included!

Oct 5, 2020  - written by

Starting October 4 through December 31, be a .art-ist for just $6.00 for the first year!