Ghost security vulnerability

01.27.2015 - written by

Simple Hosting and VPS users should take action ASAP to protect against a serious new security vu...

Continued improvements for SFTP on Simple Hosting

12.23.2014 - written by

We are performing more maintenance tasks on Simple Hosting SFTP this December and January.

[Resolved] Emergency maintenance for Baltimore core

11.13.2014 - written by

Emergency maintenance for Baltimore core the 19th of November, start at 8:00 AM UTC

Improve your SEO with SSL

11.03.2014 - written by

Securing your website with SSL can help boost your search ranking. Here's how.

SHA-2 Certificates are now available

10.21.2014 - written by

Gandi is adding the option of issuing SSL certificates signed with SHA-2 on Wednesday, October 22.

Goodbye, SSLv3: Mitigating the POODLE vulnerability

10.15.2014 - written by

We have integrated TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV on our hosting platform and mailservers in response to the P...

[RESOLVED] Incident underway: GandiSite

10.15.2014 - written by

There is currently a problem with BaseKit, so some GandiSites may be offline.

[RESOLVED] Incident: storage unit [Paris datacenter]

10.11.2014 - written by

There is currently a problem with one of the storage units in our Parisian datacenter.

[Resolved] Incident on a storage unit

10.10.2014 - written by

We had a brief incident with a storage unit which crashed due to a CPU fault. The incident is no...