Hosting Maintenance – Operations Suspended

Sep 14, 2010  - written by

Due to planned maintenance on the hosting platform, operations (halt, restart, disk add, etc.) wi...

(Resolved) Gandi Blogs Incident

Sep 8, 2010  - written by

05:55 CET:  We have encountered an issue wth the Gandi Blogs.  The situation is currently under i...

Fiber Cut in Paris

Sep 1, 2010  - written by

Due to a fiber cut in Paris, some domain registration activities may be unavailable.

DNS Zone Updates Interrupted

Aug 20, 2010  - written by

Due to a technical issue, DNS zone updates are not being processed since midday.

Network Maintenance 16 Aug – 00:00-03:00 GMT

Aug 11, 2010  - written by

We will be performing schedule maintenance for a software upgrade on our edge routers on Monday 1...

Incident on Gandimail, availability of some mailbox

Jun 6, 2010  - written by

We have encountered an issue with one of the GandiMail filers. A limited number of customers may ...

Datacenter Electrical Maintenance – 22 May 2010

May 18, 2010  - written by

Our datacenter partner will be carrying out a schedule maintenance operation on their electrical ...

Gandi Mail Maintenance (Completed)

Mar 9, 2010  - written by

We have encountered an issue with one of our mailbox filers.  Maintenance is underway to correct ...

Incident on Network Equipment 26 Feb 2010

Feb 26, 2010  - written by

This evening at 18:46 CET a line card in one of our distribution switches suffered a hardware fai...