Tweak your Simple Hosting PHP.INI

11.07.2012 - written by

We've made it possible to adjust the PHP configuration in Gandi Simple Hosting.

Crontab on Simple Hosting!

11.02.2012 - written by

Get set to run cron jobs on your Simple Hosting instance!

Simple Hosting in the USA

07.09.2012 - written by

Gandi Simple Hosting is now available in the USA! Get your PaaS in gear!

[Resolved] SimpleHosting Issue

06.03.2012 - written by

Network problem on simpleHosting

Resell Simple Hosting?

04.26.2012 - written by

Following the recent release of the public ...

Try Gandi Simple Hosting for Free!

03.23.2012 - written by

This weekend we are passing out free coupons for simple hosting. Get yours now!

Simple Hosting at One Month In

02.23.2012 - written by

Our Simple Hosting has been available for a month now. Here are some feedback, and some links ...

Gandi Simple Hosting

09.22.2011 - written by

We are proud to present our simple new PaaS cloud hosting offer.