Reliably send and receive credible email

11.13.2018 - written by

In this edition of our Domain name guide, we bring you some tips on using your domain to send pro...

Happy Gandiversary!

11.09.2018 - written by

This week, we're celebrating Soraya's 17 year anniversary in our Customer Care team.

Phishing, spoofing… News for the front.

10.18.2018 - written by

For the past couple of months, Gandi and its customers have been the target of ever-evolving phis...

Gandi Social Club, an event that does good!

10.04.2018 - written by

This Tuesday, October 2, we launched a new series: the Gandi Social Club, which brought together ...

Welcome, Cloudflare Registrar!

09.28.2018 - written by

Yesterday, Cloudflare announced they'll be launching a new domain name registrar.

Gandi Co-sponsors EFF Pioneer Awards

09.10.2018 - written by

Gandi is co-sponsoring the 2018 EFF Pioneer Awards on September 27.

こんにちは !

08.07.2018 - written by

After several months of hard work, Gandi's website is now available in Japanese!

Our #GandiV5 reseller platform is now open in beta

07.03.2018 - written by

We are now starting tests on the new dedicated interface for our reseller customers.

Join the Gandi team!

06.26.2018 - written by

Starting with just three people in Paris in 1999, we've grown to more than 120, spread across Asi...