Our #GandiV5 reseller platform is now open in beta

07.03.2018 - written by

We are now starting tests on the new dedicated interface for our reseller customers.

Join the Gandi team!

06.26.2018 - written by

Starting with just three people in Paris in 1999, we've grown to more than 120, spread across Asi...

Correction of a Simple Hosting security breach via Git

06.01.2018 - written by

A security breach has been corrected on Simple Hosting instances using Git.

Meet Gandi at HKOSCON 2018

05.28.2018 - written by

Gandi is happy to participate once again this year in HKOSCON, the Hong Kong Open Source Conferen...

Your Simple Hosting sites just got faster

05.25.2018 - written by

With HTTP/2 support, TLS 1.3, and new caching features, your websites hosted with our Simple Host...

GDPR and Whois

05.23.2018 - written by

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require some changes with the Whois.

Gandi Cloud available on #gandiV5

05.18.2018 - written by

We have started deploying the interface that allows you to manage your servers on our new website.

Special offer on YubiKeys for Gandi users

04.20.2018 - written by

Get your YubiKey to protect your Gandi account for 20% off.

Improvements to domain name lists on #gandiv5

04.20.2018 - written by

We've updated the way domain names are displayed on our new platform to make managing your Gandi ...