.fr mishap

Jun 10, 2010  - written by

[solved] We are currently experiencing issues with some .fr domain operations, we apologise for a...

Incident on Gandimail, availability of some mailbox

Jun 6, 2010  - written by

We have encountered an issue with one of the GandiMail filers. A limited number of customers may ...

Price increase soon

Jun 2, 2010  - written by

Following successive price increases for .com and .net domains by Verisign, we have had to change...

SiteMaker V 4.5

May 25, 2010  - written by

A new version that is richer, larger, and easier to use!

Datacenter Electrical Maintenance – 22 May 2010

May 18, 2010  - written by

Our datacenter partner will be carrying out a schedule maintenance operation on their electrical ...

RAM on demand

Apr 8, 2010  - written by

We have just updated Gandi.net to version 3.0.3, which gives you the ability of adding more ram t...

Gandi Mail update

Mar 12, 2010  - written by

As a result of increasing levels of misuse of our Gandi Mail service, we are obliged to take imme...

Gandi Mail Maintenance (Completed)

Mar 9, 2010  - written by

We have encountered an issue with one of our mailbox filers.  Maintenance is underway to correct ...

Network incident! (fixed)

Mar 5, 2010  - written by

Domain name operations have been temporarily suspended due to a network incident.