Be a .art-ist for 40% off

Aug 3, 2020  - written by

It's not expensive to be a .art-ist this summer! Starting July 31, 2020 at 3:00 PM Pacific (22:00...

Reflecting on our JavaScript footprint

Jul 31, 2020  - written by

A Gandi front-end developer looks at our approach to building websites and reflects on our "JavaS...

How to migrate from a website builder to a CMS

Jul 29, 2020  - written by

Webite builders are great, but they have their limits. When you hit them, you'll need to migrate ...

The pros and cons of .com: should I register a .com?

Jul 27, 2020  - written by

With a long history, .com is the most popular of all domains. Find out the pros and cons and dec...

Whois and GDPR

Disclosing WHOIS data and GDPR

Jul 23, 2020  - written by

In the age of GDPR, Gandi is betting on our ability to reconcile transparency with privacy.

What to do when you lose your TOTP seed

Jul 24, 2020  - written by

How can you get back into your account when you've lost your phone with your TOTP seed on it? Her...

Privacy Shield struck down: what you need to

Jul 24, 2020  - written by

A decision with direct impact on the transfer of personal data between Europe and the United States.