Now in Sunrise: .storage

Jul 2, 2016  - written by

Keep some things online with a .storage domain, now entering the Sunrise phase.

What does the future have in .store?

Jun 3, 2016  - written by

We foresee a .store in your future when .store goes on sale for just $14.99 when it enters the Go...

Now entering GoLive: .protection, .theatre, .security

Jan 27, 2016  - written by

Three domains to meet your needs: .protection, .theatre and .security are entering the GoLive phase.

Gandi now offering .feedback in the Sunrise phase

Dec 19, 2015  - written by

Feedback isn't noise: it makes us all stronger. And now .feedback is available at Gandi in the Su...

Now available at Gandi: .wang and .我爱你

Sep 18, 2015  - written by

Hello, World. Gandi loves you. So we're introducing two new international gTLDs for Chinese-speak...

Now showing in the GoLive phase: .tickets

Sep 17, 2015  - written by

Buy your .tickets from Gandi, not the guy with the shapied sign on the corner, in the  Golive pha...

Sell more videos with .sale and .video

Apr 28, 2015  - written by

Two new gTLDs entering the Golive phase remind us of our love of video stores: .video and .sale