Opening day sale on .shop

09.06.2016 - written by

Register a .shop in GoLive today and get the first year for more than 45% off. from A rates.

Get your .blog now at Gandi

08.11.2016 - written by

Here's something to blog about: .blog is  entering the Sunrise phase.

.商标 now available at Gandi

08.09.2016 - written by

.商标, Chinese for "trademark" is now available at Gandi.

Nooow available at Gandi: .ooo

08.09.2016 - written by

Nooow available at Gandi: .ooo domains at $38.33 per year at A rates*.

Now in Sunrise: .storage

07.02.2016 - written by

Keep some things online with a .storage domain, now entering the Sunrise phase.

What does the future have in .store?

06.03.2016 - written by

We foresee a .store in your future when .store goes on sale for just $14.99 when it enters the Go...

Now entering GoLive: .protection, .theatre, .security

01.27.2016 - written by

Three domains to meet your needs: .protection, .theatre and .security are entering the GoLive phase.

Gandi now offering .feedback in the Sunrise phase

12.19.2015 - written by

Feedback isn't noise: it makes us all stronger. And now .feedback is available at Gandi in the Su...

Now available at Gandi: .wang and .我爱你

09.18.2015 - written by

Hello, World. Gandi loves you. So we're introducing two new international gTLDs for Chinese-speak...