Gandi Mail

SOGo webmail update

Apr 3, 2019  - written by

We've updated the SOGo webmail service to 4.0.7, which along with it means new features and upgra...

Updates on webmail services

Jan 10, 2019  - written by

Gandi provides two different webmail services that you can use to access your GandiMail email mai...

Better spam protection in Gandi Mail

Aug 1, 2018  - written by

We are happy to announce that we recently deployed a new anti-spam service on our mail servers.

Fun with Sieve rules

Jul 26, 2018  - written by

Sieve lets you put more or less complex filter rules on the server side of your email mailboxes. ...

Introducing the new Gandi Mail

Aug 2, 2017  - written by

Our new version of Gandi Mail, now available on #gandiv5, offers improvements over the old version.

Sieve server rules activated on Gandi Mail

Mar 9, 2017  - written by

Filters, rules, and auto-reply are now all available for Gandi Mail accounts.

Introducing SoGo: new webmail service in beta

Jan 18, 2017  - written by

Try our new mobile-friendly webmail service, with an integrated calendar and task-list, now in...