Gandi partners with the school EFREI Paris

Feb 19, 2021  - written by

Gandi works with the school EFREI Paris and among other things, provides it with resources for st...

Gandi supports Zeste de Savoir

Feb 5, 2021  - written by

Zeste de Savoir promotes self-education via free, online educational resources

Gandi supports ADIE

Oct 23, 2020  - written by

"You can be an entrepreneur!" That's Adie's raison d'être. This French non-profit promotes access...

Gandi supports Ma Dada

Oct 13, 2020  - written by

MaDada is a project that aims to facilitate requests for government data in France. The CADA law ...

Gandi supports Paris Web

Sep 18, 2020  - written by

The famous festival of best practices for the French web is held every year in Paris and brings t...

Metacartes, a Gandi supported project

Sep 5, 2020  - written by

Metacartes, a Gandi supported project,offers new collaborative approaches to companies and non-pr...

Gandi supports H.U.G.O the organization that fights school bullying

Aug 21, 2020  - written by

HUGO, or "Harassers U GO !" is an organization that fights school bullying and Gandi is highlight...

Better understanding the implications of GMOs with Inf’OGM

Aug 7, 2020  - written by

Gandi is strongly committed to celebrating our supported projects. This month, allow us to presen...

Gandi supports Opscidia

May 8, 2020  - written by

Opscidia, the platform dedicated to free and open publication of scientific research ruffles feat...