Updates and releases

Better spam protection in Gandi Mail

In the constant, ongoing battle against unwanted email, many online entities from ISPs, hosting services, down to individual users themselves employ a wide range of tools to collectively defend ourselves from the unending onslaught of spam.

And Gandi is no exception: with more than 2 million email addresses provided by our Gandi Mail service, the fight against spam is a daily routine for our team. To this end, we are happy to announce that we recently deployed a new anti-spam service on our mail servers.

More efficient and more reactive to the great quantity of viruses, trojans, and phishing scams, this tool has enabled us to improve our Gandi Mail service:

  • When an outbound email is rejected, our SMTP server now returns a more specific error message, indicating the reason for the rejection (possible virus, phishing attempt, mass-mailing campaign outside of CAN-SPAM rules, etc.)
  • Mail headers on incoming email will now contain new information* : aside from the Spam categorization and score, new statuses will appear as well: purchase, social, travel, finance, newsletter, alerts, etc. This information will allow you to sort your email automatically, into specific folders, using Sieve filters.

We recently published some sample filters you could put in place using either an add-on to your email client (like this add-on for Thunderbird) or in the Settings in our SOGo webmail service. These filters are applied directly at the server level and so apply to any way that you are accessing your mailboxes, even if it’s not the same computer or software you originally used to configure them.

We would encourage you to check out this documentation and read through the specific codes that allow you to optimize your email filters and of course avoid spam!

As with any new tool, implementing a new anti-spam system might require some adjustments. Please feel free to contact our Customer care team if you notice email going to spam that shouldn’t be, or any other strange, new behavior.

(*) Not available for Mail Forwarding