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Black Week for .art domain name registration

Nov 29, 2019  - written by

Get a .art domain name for $1.92 for the first year, until December 8

Protect your Swiss and Liechtensteinian domain names with Registry ...

Nov 28, 2019  - written by

Registry Lock is now available for .ch and .li domains! With Registry Lock, any sensitive update ...

Launching IPv6 on Gandi Cloud v5!

Nov 27, 2019  - written by

From now on, you can choose to create an extra IPv6 by itself.

Open Source Summit 2019—Gandi was there!

Nov 25, 2019  - written by

The 2019 Open Source Summit (OSS) took place at the Centre des Congrès in Lyon, Frace from Octobe...

The web and accessibility: key takeaways from Paris Web 2019

Nov 8, 2019  - written by

Pascal Duez, UI developer at Gandi, shares his top takeaways on accessibility from the Paris Web ...

Eligibility conditions for .eu are changing!

Oct 18, 2019  - written by

Starting 19 October 2019, the eligibility conditions for .eu domain names are changing.

AdultBlock, a new protection service

Oct 3, 2019  - written by

Block new domain name registrations linked to a brand name or trademark in four domains associate...


Promotion on .art domain name registration

Oct 1, 2019  - written by

Get a .art domain name for $5.82 for the first year, until November 28

Now .vote and .voto domains are open to everyone

Sep 30, 2019  - written by

Long reserved for those with links to official democratic and political institutions, .vote and ....