Getting started

Launch your Prestashop e-commerce site in 10 minutes

You can now install Prestashop automatically on your Gandi Simple Hosting instance. In just a few minutes, configure your own e-commerce site according to your needs.

Your Prestashop site hosted on Simple Hosting

Ready to start your online business? Need a high-performing e-commerce platform that you control? Do you have a domain name at Gandi? The Prestashop CMS + Gandi hosting is THE solution for launching your professional, online business while maintaining control over your data, and your customers’ data.

Prestashop is one of the most popular CMSes for e-commerce sites. It was launched in France in 2008 as an open source project. Which is to say that the software is freely available for download, can be freely installed, and modified (if you have the need and the ability).

Your shop deployed in 10 minutes or less

Gandi is looking to facilitate the implementation of various CMSes and we already offer tools for installing WordPress automatically. Now, Prestashop is also available for automatic installation on your Simple Hosting instance.

If you already have a domain name, in 10 minutes you can have your Prestashop automatically installed on your Gandi hosting account.

For that, head over to our Prestashop page.

1. Choose a Simple Hosting pack

Choose the size of your web hosting (M, L, or XXL). It’s easy to increase the resources allotted to your hosting instance, so we advise starting with size M or L and increasing the size later if ever your instance needs a power boost (for example, if the number of add-ons or traffic increases on your e-commerce site).

2. Choose an associated domain name

Choose the domain name registered at Gandi that you want to link to your e-commerce site. If you don’t yet have a domain name, you just need to order one first so that the installation can be as automatic as possible.

3. Choose the name of your online shop

Once you’ve selected the domain name you want to use, you’ll need to choose the subdomain, for example or

4. Finalize the order

Choose the length time for your hosting subscription (1 to 12 months).

If this is your first Gandi Simple Hosting instance, you get 50% off your first order, or 6 months free if you sign up for a year.

5. Deploy your hosting

Deployment takes around 5 minutes. While you wait, we’ll be taking care of:

  • configuring your Simple Hosting instance
  • associating your domain name to it so that your site is accessible at the address you chose
  • downloading Prestashop and installing it on your hosting
  • automatically generating an SSL certificate to secure all transactions on your site

6. Connect to your Gandi interface

Access your Simple Hosting page to define a specific password. And note the unique log in ID.

7. Finalize the configuration of your Prestashop

Once you’re done with the automatic installation, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your Prestashop is ready to be configured. You just need to fill in the requested information.

A last step before being able to use your e-commerce site: you’ll need to delete the


folder in your Prestashop for security purposes.

For that reason, connect via SFTP to your hosting using the login and password from step 6.

See our documentation for help on this step.

8. Your online shop is now online!

Your shop is now online at the address that you selected. Now it’s just up to you to personalize it and add your products before your first sales start coming in.

If you have some advanced needs, you can also install Prestashop add-ons or specific themes. You can install these directly from your Prestashop interface. Please feel free to go to the Prestashop marketplace for more information.

Why use an open source e-commerce platform?

There are several advantages, really, but one of the main ones is the independence it offers you to have in the continuity and evolution of your online shop. By installing it on your web hosting or a web server, you are in charge and you’re the owner of the site and your customers’ data. On the other hand, a completely online solution might be less transparent on how data is used, might change core functions, or pricing, etc. In other words, everything could disappear.

With Prestashop, you’re the owner of your e-commerce site, and free to update it as you see fit. In addition, it’s also a tool widely used and supported by a large community. You can easily ask the community for help online and benefit from a large ecosystem of add-ons, both free and available for purchase from developers.