Now’s the time to jump on this Black Friday .cloud promo

Nov 23, 2016  - written by

A big .cloud promo for Black Friday is rolling in and there's a 100% chance that it'll only be $3.

Did you feel a drop? Must be .cloud prices

Jul 30, 2016  - written by

With first-year creations already at $9.00, .cloud-y skies are in the forecast: renewals and tran...

Whatever the shape of your .cloud, it’s $9 this year

Feb 25, 2016  - written by

A .cloud can be anything: a condensed field of water vapor, a computer network ... any way, this ...

Covered skies as .cloud enters GoLive

Feb 11, 2016  - written by

A positive forecast for anyone with their head in the .cloud: a new TLD is entering the GoLive ph...

.cloud enters the Sunrise phase

Nov 17, 2015  - written by

Sunshine on a cloudy day: a new gTLD, .cloud, is entering the Sunrise phase.