Got time for a .tm?

07.19.2017 - written by

You no longer need a Corporate subscription to register a .tm domain. But you still need to regis...

How to score a .basketball domain, now in Sunrise

07.19.2017 - written by

For the first year .basketball domains are available to members of the community, starting in the...

Report on July 7, 2017 incident

07.07.2017 - written by

Friday July 7 at 11:00 UTC (4:00 AM PDT), an unauthorized connection occurred at one of our techn...

Thirteen TLDs of all stripes on sale

07.05.2017 - written by

Already on promo since the beginning of the year, promos on TLDs such as .info, .promo, and .ski ...

For the rest of the year, .asia is 70% off

07.01.2017 - written by

The .asia TLD is on sale until 2018, and soon it opens up to those outside of Asia.

Now open to all: .gl

06.29.2017 - written by

When you've seen everything, there's always .gl, now available to all.

The Irish TLD, .ie is now available

06.22.2017 - written by

Once reserved for Corporate subscribers, .ie is now availale at Gandi

Get .org-anized for two years at 15% off

06.22.2017 - written by

Organize your org with a .org for two years at 15% off

One-year anniversary sale on .store

06.14.2017 - written by

It's been one year since .store was introduced. What's in store for the next? Well, one-, two-, f...