Sunrise for .amsterdam

Tuesday April 28 marks the beginning of the Sunrise phase for .amsterdam, the latest geographic TLD.

Amsterdam, of course, is home to the Nemo museum, the Van Gogh museum, the Rembrandt and Anne Frank Houses, beautiful canals, famous bridges, open-air markets, and surely more, but nothing else Amsterdam is known for really comes to mind … hmm …

The Sunrise phase for .amsterdam will be FCFS—first-come-first-served—meaning that if two people registering a domain, only the first to do so will get it. The price of a one-year .amsterdam registration during the Sunrise phase will be $654.19 at A-rates.

There will then be a quick priority registration for Amsterdam-based entities between May 29 and May 31 and then Landrush will go from June 1 to August 14. The .amsterdam extension then enters GoLive on September 1.

Register a .amsterdam?