V5 is coming soon

Welcome to #gandiV5, the new version of Gandi’s web platform.


We’ve put together a functional beta version of our new web platform which we are preparing for release soon.


This beta version can already be used to manage domains and emails regardless of geographic location. Two other core functions — domain registration and renewal — are for now exclusively available to those located in the US or Canada. If you’re outside of the US or Canada and want to create or renew a domain, please feel free to use our legacy platform at https://gandi.net. Otherwise, we do expect to integrate domain creation and renewal on the beta outside of North America shortly as well.
We will be opening this opportunity up to those outside of North America shortly and we will continue to add features and functions as we integrate them into the live website.
If you want to give it a try, log in here using your usual Gandi handle. A new user name and a password will be generated to let you log into our new platform.
Warning: even though the #gandiv5 website is in beta test phase, operations that you perform on the new interface are real, and will affect your domain names.
We will inform you shortly about new features. In the meantime, you can contact us at feedback@gandi.net