In June 2017, we encouraged you all to get .org-anized for two years at 15% off. Then, in October 2017, we brought you a 25% break on a .org for just the first year too, both of which expired this month. Here’s a new year’s gift to all the orgs looking for .org‘s out there: we’ve extended both promos until June 30, 2018.

Get a .org for one year at 25% off or for two years at 15% off this Spring! That means: a new .org domain registered for one year will be just $12.90* instead of $17.20* and one registered for two years will be $29.24* (or $14.62* per year) instead of $34.40*.

Get a Spring .org?

*Prices in USD. See .org price page for local pricing.