Don’t miss an expiration date with automatic renewal

It happens. Sometimes you miss that critical domain name renewal date. That’s why Gandi offers an automatic renewal service.

The recent history of the internet is unfortunately littered with embarrassing stories of domains people and even major companies forgot to renew. And while more than one bank has found out the hard way how forgetting to renew a domain can result in hundreds of thousands of ticked off customers locked out of ATMs and from making transactions, it stings just a little bit more for a couple of the high-profile tech companies (who we will shame by mentioning) have managed somehow to let domains used for important applications — or worse for their flagship sites — expire. They should know better, right?

But even with the several notifications we as a registrar are required to send before a domain expires, too many still wind up missing the expiration date.

You can save yourself the nightmare scenario of finding your site down and your customers panicking by activating Gandi’s automatic renewal service on your domain.

Automatic renewal launches an order to renew your domain 31 days before the expiration date (n.b. this also means it should be activated at least 32 days before the domain expires to make sure it launches correctly).

So, if you haven’t yet, activate Automatic renewal from the Domain settings page in your account.