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New TLD .app makes a grand entrance

The new .app TLD just launched Tuesday, May 8 at 9:00 AM Pacific (17:00 UTC), and already more than 90,000 .app domains have been registered.

Within only a couple hours of entering the GoLive phase, .app entered the top 40 TLDs by total domains registered on nTLDStats, already outperforming hundreds of other new TLDs, some of which have been available since 2014.

This is yet another sign, as if anyone needed it, of the dynamism of the market for software generally and smartphone applications in particular.

While open to everyone, .app domains can only be used with a site protected by an SSL certificate and configured for HTTPS by default. We’d like to take this chance to remind you that when you buy a domain with Gandi, you are entitled to a free SSL certificate for one year. What’s more, if you opt to host with our Simple Hosting service, you’re entitled to one for as long as your site is hosted with us*.

Of course, if you haven’t already registered your .app domain, now is the time!

Check to see if the one you want is still available here:

*Offer available only for Simple Hosting Small+SSL packs and above