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Deluxe .luxe domains are now at Gandi

Deluxe .luxe domains have arrived!

This new generic TLD, which stands for “Lets you exchange easily,” was initially conceived as a way of supporting Ethereum. However, .luxe domains are open to everyone and can be used in any way the owner of the domain sees fit, whether related to Ethereum or not.

If you have a trademark that’s registered with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), you can already get your .luxe domain in the Sunrise phase (which ends October 8), for $357.22 for two years, that’s $178.61* per year.

You can also submit your registration in the Landrush phase for priority registration. Then, when .luxe enters the Landrush phase (also known as the Early Access Period or EAP) on October 30, we’ll send your registration to the .luxe registry. After that, you can still register your .luxe domain in the Landrush phase until November 6, 2018. For .luxe, this follows a “reverse auction” pattern, where each day of the Landrush phase, the price decreases for domains that have not yet been purchased. Registering your domain on the first day, then, will cost $10,129.90* for the first year while registering on November 6 will cost just $168.54* for the first year.

Finally, the GoLive date for .luxe, when it becomes available for its regular price, will be November 6, 2018. Registrations submitted ahead of time for GoLive will be sent to the registry at this time. Domains registered on or after November 6 will be available for $29.02* per year at A rates.

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*Prices in USD. See .luxe price page for local pricing.