Updates and releases

Updates on webmail services

Did you know that Gandi provides two different webmail services that you can use to access your GandiMail email mailboxes?

We do! You have the option of using either SOGo or Roundcube to send and receive emails, along with other useful features, depending on which service you choose.

If you are currently using Roundcube, and want to switch to SOGo, you might want to transfer your address book over for convenience. We have a guide to help you import an existing address book to SOGO in our documentation.

Note that the URLs that are used to access your webmail are going to change soon. If you used https://webmail.gandi.net/ or https://webmail.eu.com/ you were taken to Roundcube webmail. We will change this so that instead, you will arrive at a page where you can choose which webmail service to use.

If you want to go directly to your preferred webmail service, you can just bookmark one of the following:

As an added bonus, we will be following up this update with an upgrade of the versions of each webmail service that we are using:

Finally, did you know that you can use Sieve filters with your Gandimail emails? If this is something that you are interested in, please check out our detailed documentation on this topic.