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Introducing Gandi Marketplace, featuring Go Sitebuilder (and a promo!)

In the Gandi v5 design, we included plenty of components that we hope will change the way you use domains and hosting for the better. One of these ideas was the Marketplace—a catalog of applications that will allow you, eventually, to link your domain to virtually any service in just a few clicks.

The possibilities are infinite and our teams have already started to work with many of the big names so that we can be sure to offer you the best options. The very first application we integrated on Marketplace was Go Sitebuilder from Basekit, our longtime partner for Gandi Site.

This particular application has definitely advanced, and we needed to ensure everyone upgraded during the month of January (some people were still using the outdated 2015 version). Fortunately for everyone, the new Go Sitebuilder updates on a rolling basis, so there won’t be any need to migrate to a new version in the future.

A large number of the changes were made but, depending on the version you were using previously, the most notable is the replacement of templates with a number of “Designs”, created by professionals to give your site coherence in its graphic design. Obviously, nothing is imposed on you and you can make whatever you like of your site.

And the best way to find out more is to try it! You can test out Go Sitebuilder for 30 days, once per domain registered with Gandi. This trial period lets you try out all the tools available in the “Personal” so that the only limit on you is time. We also wanted to give you more benefits when using the Premium option—there is no longer any commitment. Choose the version you think will work best and you’ll be invoiced through the next expiration date of your domain name. Don’t like it? Want to change the version? No worries, we’ll refund you or invoice you prorata according to your preference.

And to celebrate this launch, for the next three months—from February 11 through May 11, 2019 (in UTC), we’re offering a 50% discount on the creation* of a Premium Go Sitebuilder site!

Please note this promotion cannot be used for a renewal. If you use the free trial to test out Go Sitebuilder, you’ll have to delete it and create a new one.

Finally, to add one final bonus, we’re including a free SSL certificate (provided by our partner) with each Premium pack, installed automatically on the subdomain you choose to use for your site.

*Does not apply to renewal of an existing site. Please note: upgrading an existing site is considered a creation (including refund of the previous subscription) but can only take place during the time remaining on the previous subscription (including the free trial). In order to fully benefit from this promotion, we recommend that if you are using the free version, you should delete your site and create a new one directly from the page Domain > Marketplace.