Last week we announced the Sunrise phase for the .inc domain release was coming. Now it’s here!

That also means that starting now, you can also pre-register your .inc domain in any of the other release phases, including the Early Access Period (Landrush) and General Availability phases.

As a reminder, here are the launch dates for the different release phases for .inc:

  • Sunrise (trademark protection) from March 27 to April 30, 2019
  • Landrush or Early Access Period (EAP) from April 30 to May 7, 2019
  • GoLive (General Availability): May 7, 2019

You can find a detailed price list for .inc domain release phases on the .inc price page. For more general information about domain release phases, check out our online documentation.

Pre-registering your domain now will help you maximize your chances of getting the one you want. When you pre-register for a phase not currently in progress, we submit your order to the registry as soon as the domain enters that release phase. This gives you a much better chance at getting your domain than if you wait until the release phase comes around.

Pre-register your .inc domain?