A very important announcement

April Fools!

Okay. We won’t leave you empty-handed.

This year for April Fools’ Day only, get a .fish domain for 50% off the first year. That means that today only you can get your .fish for $19.19* for the first year instead of the usual $38.38*

Why? Because we’re a French company and in France, an April Fools’ joke is a poisson d’avril, or April Fish.

April Fish?

Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Nobody really knows what fish have to do with it. Maybe it comes from prankster fishermen hiding rotting fish in their unsuspecting victims’ clothes. Maybe it has something to do with some wild medieval Mardi Gras tradition or with the Pisces horoscope sign, but in any case, the classic French April Fools Day prank is to pin a paper fish to somebody’s back without them knowing.

So be a little French with us this April Fools Day and buy a .fish at half price for the first year. Pin it on someone’s back if you want. Or take advantage to finally build out your fishing-related website.

Just don’t heat it up in the office microwave… Please!

And happy April Fools’ Day!

Get your April .fish?

*Prices in USD. See .fish price page for local pricing.