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Five .inc-entives to register a .inc domain

Today, April 30, .inc enters the Early Access Period phase (EAP or Landrush phase) of its release. The EAP will be made up of four phases, each lasting 24 hours, starting today with EAP phase 1, during which time .inc domains will cost $52,375.20* for the first year with the price diminishing each day. For example during the next 24 hours, .inc will cost $27,220.20* to register for the first year.

When the Early Access Period ends on May 7, the price will have dropped to $7,096.23for the first year.

See the prices for all Early Access Period days on our .inc informational page.

Five reasons not to wait!

1. After May 7, .inc domains will be open to the public

The prices in the Landrush or Early Access Period are so high because this period is for priority registration of domains. If there’s a .inc domain you really need or really want, you can pay extra to avoid the risk that someone else will get it before you.

Of course, the Sunrise phase is your best chance at securing your brand’s .inc domain, but now that the Sunrise phase is over, your best bet is to get your .inc domain during the Landrush phase.

On May 7, the GoLive date for .inc, this domain will enter General Availability, meaning that the release process will have ended and anyone will be able to register a .inc domain for $2,065.23* per year at A rates.

This makes is more likely that if you wait until General Availability, your .inc might already be taken.

2. Gandi .inc customers get spoiled

You might find yourself .inc-apble of resisting this deal. For every .inc registration, we’ll give you two Premium mailboxes for twelve months (valued at $8.00* each), plus a YubiKey (normally $45.00*)please note: this offer is now expired.

3. A risk-averse pricing model

One thing that makes .inc special is the unique “premium” pricing model it uses. With higher standard pricing, the risk of cybersquatting is diminished. See if your .inc is available now! 

4. There’s no restriction on using .inc

You can use your .inc domain without restriction or limitation—for company websites, pressrooms, or investor relations. Don’t wait to get creative! You could be the first to use a .inc domain name for your idea!

5. Strong e-reputation with .inc

Does your company end in inc.? Why not your website too? Standardize your online and offline branding with .inc, synonymous with business and globally recognized by search engine algorithms. Your .inc domain name can be registered in the official languages of more than 190 countries and territories.

Don’t delay, get your inc.’s .inc:

*Prices in USD. See .inc price page for local pricing.