Updates and releases

We’re putting .autos into high gear

From April 15 to October 15, 2019, you can register your .autos domain name for $23.00* for the first year, instead of the usual $37.00* per year at A rates. And this registration doesn’t require getting an appointment at the DMV …

The .autos domain is now open to everyone

Now that Gandi is directly accredited with the .autos registry, AND the special conditions previously required to register a .autos domain name have been lifted, it’s now possible for anyone to register a .autos domain name.

So to celebrate, Gandi is offering .autos domain names for a price of $23.00* for the first year for six months only between April 15 and October 15, 2019.

See the .autos price page.

Why you should hit the road with .autos

It’s comes as no surprise that the .autos domain is used for anything and everything related to cars. It brings together all the key stakeholders in the auto industry from manufacturers to brands to dealers, consumers, and hobbyists.

The world of automobiles is often competitive and is the subject of so many Google searches.

Mechanics and dealerships alike have a great opportunity to reach their customers:

  • by getting better search engine rankings
  • by providing more pertinent search results

If you’re not into cars and prefer getting around through other means of locomotion, try .yachts or .motorcycles for your virtual garage.

Drive your .autos domain name off the lot?

*Prices in USD. See .autos page for local pricing.