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Good news rains down from the .cloud

Until June 30, 2019, .cloud domains are on sale for just $5.00* for the first year.

Promotion on .cloud domains from May 27 through June 30, 2019

On May 22–23, Gandi went to Cloud Expo Asia 2019 in Hong Kong. Now we’re offering this special promotion on .cloud domains as a little souvenier. Get 75% off the first year of your new .cloud domain, usually priced at $24.29* per year.

See .cloud prices and conditions.

Why get a .cloud?

Registering a .cloud domain name orients you towards the innovative, creative, and future-oriented world of cloud computing—SaaS solutions, startups, small businesses, developers, professionals, and IT consultants.

Gandi offers Cloud hosting solutions

Gandi’s XS-v6 Cloud server is small but low cost at less than $7.00** a month. And you can scale up and scale down its capacities (CPU, RAM, disks) as you need to.

Register a .cloud domain name:

*Prices in USD. See .cloud price page for local pricing.
**Price in USD. See Gandi cloud hosting page for local pricing.