On May 15, 2019, the CaliOpen team brought the Beta version of their secure messaging platform online.

CaliOpen launch May 2019

From the beginning, now almost twenty years ago, Gandi has always made account security and data privacy for its customers a priority.

CaliOpen is a project supported by Gandi very much in our wheelhouse.

CaliOpen aims to bring together in a single interface all private messages from various apps (Twitter, Facebook), e-mail, direct messages, and SMS in one interface.

The Beta version of CaliOpen is on May 15, 2019. Test CaliOpen here.

Origin of CaliOpen

Gandi co-founder and internet pioneer Laurent Chemla created Caliop. In 2013, following the publicization of PRISM (the US survelliance program), he relaunched the idea. Renamed CaliOpen since then, the project involves building an open-source communication tool that lets its users exchange encrypted communications without risking exposure of their personal information.

Visit caliopen.org

A sealed envelope for all your electronic messages

The tool provides a Privacy Index, which shows the degree to which your private correspondances may in fact be exposed. Our online exchanges are too often the equivalent of a postcard sent with no envelope that any wandering eye can read. CaliOpen pushes users to prefer sealed envelopes instead.

Support for CaliOpen

Thank you to the 2,200 Alpha version users who have helped improve the platform since October 2017.

Thank you also to other project supports: Qwant (semantic search engine), UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), and BPI (finance).