Updates and releases

Debian Buster (10) available on Gandi servers

On July 6, the Debian project published a new release: Debian 10 codenamed Buster.

For many years, Gandi has been an avid Debian user and we heartily congratulate the Debian project on this new release.

New features available in Debian Buster (10)

The new version of Debian includes a couple of new features and changes for use on a server or virtual server, including:

  • a more recent version of many open source projects like nginx, postgresql, bind9, and many more
  • nftables now available for firewalling your server
  • apt can now be sandboxed using seccomp-BPF
  • merged /usr

Debian Buster (10) on Gandi datacenters

Since Gandi provides the system image for all Gandi Cloud virtual machines, we added a Debian 10 image on all our public datacenters.

This image is only available for the x86_64/amd64 architecture.

You can try Debian Buster on a Gandi Cloud server (starting at $6.30/month*).

In addition, starting today, the system image based on Debian Jessie will be disabled for Cloud server creation on all of our public datacenters.

For more information, see the Debian buster official announcement and details of the new release.

*Prices in USD. See the Cloud server price page for local prices.