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Get a .alsace domain for 80% off

Register a .alsace domain for 80% off the usual price for the first year until December 31, 2019.

Register your .alsace domain for $12.00* for the first year and $53.09* for every year after that.

See the prices and terms and conditions on the dedicated .alsace page.

What is .Alsace?

Gandi is accredited by the registry Région Alsace to register .alsace domain names, a top-level domain (TLD) intended to help spread awareness and support the culture and identity of the French region of Alsace, in Northeastern France.

On the border between France and Germany (and changing which side of the border several times in the past few hundred years), Alsatian culture is a unique blend of French and German traditions, known for its choucroute (or Alsatian sauerkraut) and Riesling.

Whether you’re in Alsace or you want to promote some aspect of the culture or values of Alsace, a .alsace domain will help users find you.

Register a .alsace?

*Prices in USD. See .alsace for local prices.