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Set up .shop this September

From September 1–30 this year, .shop domains are on sale for just $2.99* for the first year (and the normal price of $45.95* per year after that). That means you get nearly 90% off the first year of your .shop domain name.

The main advantage of a .shop domain is its versatility. If you sell things—online or in person—you could use a .shop. Ecommerce sites, those who sell online services, and B2B services can all benefit from the built-in branding .shop provides, as well as brick-and-mortar stores and shopping guides.

Not only that, the online retail section of just about any website has “shop” in the URL, why not embed that in the domain name itself with [your-business].shop? Don’t miss out to set up .shop for cheap while you still can!

Get a.shop?

*Prices in USD. See .shop info page for local pricing.