This October, get the first year of your first .com domain for just $1.00*. That’s the cost of a cup of coffee at a diner or a song on iTunes. And for one month only—from October 9 through November 9—it’s the price of an entire year’s worth of your domain name—DNS, two email accounts, email forwarding, an SSL certificate, and WHOIS privacy.

Why get a .com?

By far, .com is the most popular domain name out there. Stop the average person on the street and they probably couldn’t name another one.

How to get a .com?

  • The promotion only applies to new domain CREATIONS
  • The promotion only applies to NEW customers (account created less than 30 days ago).
  • The promotion also applies to bundles.
  • The promotion is limited to one domain name.

Get your $1 .com!

*Price listed in USD. See .com info page for local pricing.