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Now .new is open for registration

Starting Tuesday October 15, 2019 at 9:00 AM Pacific (16:00 UTC), .new domain names are available for registration. Now you can submit your request to register for a .new domain for either the Sunrise or Landrush registration periods.

When you can place preorders?

The answer is NOW!

The registration periods* will take place as follows:

Sunrise** period, from Oct 15, 2019 (9:00 AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC) to January 14, 2020 (8:59 AM Pacific, 15:59 UTC), for $392.10*** the first year.

Landrush period, from January 14, 2020 (9:00 AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC) to July 14, 2020 (8:59 AM Pacific, 15:59 UTC), for $452.13*** the first year.

The .new registry will examine and validate all requests for registration during these priority periods when the respective period opens.****

Defensive registrations (where the domain doesn’t resolve, or point to any website) are possible in the Sunrise phase , but if the domain name is put to use, it will have to be compliant with Registry use restrictions as detailed below.

Domain names are allocated under the first come first served basis.

Next, the General Availability period has a GoLive date of July 21, 2020, when the price will be $452.13*** per year.

Still don’t know when is the best timing to register your domains? Read more information here.

Conditions you need to pay attention for getting .new domains

  • All domain names must be used for action generation or online content creation where the user should be able to “create” something without further navigation.
    Examples from Google: and both resolve to a new document creation page.
  • Any .new domain name needs to be live within 100 days of registration.
    Domain names that do not comply with these requirements may be suspended or deleted for non-compliance.
  • The .new extension is on Google’s HSTS preload list, meaning that HTTPS is required for all .new websites and pages.
    To work properly in browsers, the customer will need to obtain a SSL certificate and configure the HTTPS serving.

Domain names that do not comply with above requirements may be suspended or deleted for non-compliance.

Please note that Charleston Road Registry (owned by Google), the registry for .new domains requires that all websites associated with a .new domain be protected by SSL/TLS. ( Gandi provides a simple, scalable and secure hosting service).

Create something .new?

*Launch phases for new TLDs are set by the registry, who is responsible for the management of the TLD and its roll-out. The launch phases and their details for .new, then, may be different for other TLDs.

**If you hold a trademark, you need to register it with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) in order to be able to register a domain in the Sunrise phase. If you need to do this, please contact our Corporate services team for help.

***Prices in USD. See .new info page for local pricing.

****If you register a domain in a particular phase before .new enters that phase and when it does the domain is no longer available, we will automatically credit your Gandi pre-paid account the amount paid. If you would like the amount refunded to the payment method used, please request this from our Customer care team.