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Promotion on .art domain name registration

Dedicated to the world of art and culture, .art domains are on sale from October 1 to November 28, 2019 for just $5.82*.

Who is .art for?

We encourage anyone who is enthusiatic about or identifies with art or the art world to register a .art domain name.

Less commercial than a .com domain name, and less generic than a .net, .art lets you position yourself as a point of reference in the art world and helps you highlight your artistic identity.

How to register a .art

Gandi has been accredited by UK Creative Ideas Limited since December 2016 and today offers a promotion on the .art extension.

From October 1 through November 28, get a .art domain for $5.82* for the first year.

So be creative! Be expressive! And get a .art:

*Prices in USD. See the .art information page for local pricing.