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Renew your .best domain for half the price


If you have a .best domain, now is the time to renew it. Why? Because you can now renew it for just $14.43* per year instead of $28.86* per year from now until November 30 only.

When can you renew your domain?

You don’t have to wait for your domain name to expire to renew it. You can renew your domain name whenever you want.

How long can you renew a domain for?

You can register a .best domain name for as long as 10 years or as little as one year. That means when you renew your domain name, you can renew it for up to 10 years from the last anniversary of your domain’s registration.

This is a great opportunity to secure your .best domain for the long run! Renew it now while this deal lasts.

Renew your .best domain name

*Prices in USD. See .best price page for local pricing.