In accordance with the rules established by Google, the .new Registry, the registration during LRP requires obtaining a special token. This process will ensure that only compliant use-cases will be validated.

Special process for registration of a .new domain name during Limited Registration Period (LRP)

As a reminder, .new domain names must be used for action generation or online creation flows where the user must be able to “create” something without any further navigation. Google will verify your compliance with this usage requirement.

To obtain a token you have to complete the form available at

Requests will be reviewed in batches from December 2, 2019 to June 21, 2020 midnight PST (June 22 08:00 UTC): each batch will start and end at midnight PST (08:00 UTC) between each Sunday and Monday noted below.

  • Batch 1: December 2 to January 5 23:59:59 PST (January 6 08:00 UTC)
  • Batch 2: January 6 to February 2 (February 3 08:00 UTC)
  • Batch 3: February 3 to March 1 (March 2 08:00 UTC)
  • Batch 4: March 2 to March 29 (March 30 08:00 UTC)
  • Batch 5: March 30 to April 26 (April 27 08:00 UTC)
  • Batch 6: April 27 to May 24 (May 25 08:00 UTC)
  • Batch 7: May 25 to June 21 (June 22 08:00 UTC)

At the end of each batch, Google will review the requests submitted and will send tokens to successful applicants. If multiple applicants in a single batch submit compliant applications for the same domain name, the domain name will be allocated to the strongest use case based on Google’s evaluation.

If it is not already the case, you will have to make a registration request at Gandi in the LRP phase for each domain name Google allocated to you, and provide Gandi with each associated token via our support form available at in order to finalize your registration request(s).

All information about the LRP registration process is also available on Google website at