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On sale now—.srl and .ltda

The domains .srl and .ltda, targeted towards Spanish-speaking, Italian, Brazilian, and Romanian companies, are on sale until June 30, 2020.

Sale on .srl et .ltsa

The .srl domain is 84% off and .ltda is 85% off until June 30, 2020 (2:59 PM Pacific or 22:59 UTC). Here’s the price to register a new .srl or .ltda domain name in grid A for one year:

Why get a .srl or a .ltda?

The domain .srl is particularly meant for private limited companies. In the US, these are often referred to as LLCs. In Spanish-speaking countries, the term sociedad de responsabilidad limitada, abbreviated Srl. This abbreviation is also used in Italy, where such companies are Società a responsabilità limitata and Romania, where they are called Societate cu răspundere limitată. That means businesses of this type in many Spanish-speaking, Italian-speaking, and Romanian-speaking countries can all benefit from the use of a .srl domain name.

Other countries, in particular Spanish-speaking Colombia and Portuguese-speaking Brazil use the abbreviation Ltda for this type of company (called Sociedade Limitada in Brazil). For businesses operating in these areas,  .ltda is a great choice.

Using either of these domains for your domain name can help establish confidence and trust in your business, with both Ltda and Srl making up two powerful keywords related to business in these parts of the world.

Register your .srl:

Register your .ltda:

*Prices listed in USD. See the .srl and .ltda info pages for local pricing.