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Price adjustment on .uk on 13 January 2020

As of 13 January 2020, Nominet, the registry for .uk, has raised the standard price for .uk domain names.

Nominet raises prices on .uk domain names

The price increase on .uk domain names applies to all registrars (i.e. not just Gandi but our competitors as well), who you’ll also notice have applied new pricing. We are aware of the impact this has on your domain names and we know that this price change is not to your advantage. Gandi is simply passing on this price increase.

Here’s the new pricing structure for .uk domain names:

  • A rates: £7.39
  • B rates: £7.08
  • C rates: £6.47
  • D rates: £5.61
  • E rates: £4.75

Price increases are never ideal. Last year, our CEO Stephan Ramoin wrote an open letter on the topic. We encourage you to read it for more details about price increases on domain names and the value we as Gandi add to your domains.