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Write a love .email to your loved one!

Starting today through May 1, 2020, you can register your .email domain for just $3.99* instead of the usual $26.96*.

Why get a .email?

As the name says, .email is a domain name related primarily to email. It can be used with any kind of website, such as e-shops or your blogs. With a .email, users can easily find your contact information.

Don’t wait any longer, show them your love!

In our modern,  fast-paced society, there isn’t enough time for a dinner date with your lover, much less to talk to each other. Here’s an idea for a grand gesture—use their name to register a .email and confess your love! 

See the prices and terms and conditions on the dedicated .email page.

What can be more romatic than offering your valentine a domain with their name?

*Price listed in USD. Check the .email info page for other currencies.