Updates and releases

The .dealer domain is in Sunrise!

The Sunrise registration phase for .dealer domain names began April 29 (16:00 UTC), 2020 and goes until June 1, 2020 (15:59 UTC).

Domain launch schedule

Here’s the launch schedule covering the different release phases for .dealer:

  • Sunrise: from April 29 (16:00 UTC) through June 1, 2020  (15:59 UTC):  for a price of $3,053.43* for the first year, reserved by Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) claim holders.
  • Early Access Period/Landrush (EAP): June 2 (16:00 UTC) June 8, 2020 (15:59 UTC): in this phase, the price will descend progressively each day. The first day, .dealer domains will be $52,077.90* for the first year, gradually decreasing to $4,053.93* for the first year on the last day. 
  • GoLive/beginning of General Availability (GA): from June 8, 2020 (16:00 UTC): The .dealer domain is open for all to register at $2,052.93*/year.

See the full pricing structure for .dealer on our dedicated information page.

Why register a .dealer domain name?

As the name says, .dealer is a domain name for any authorized retailer, which is highly recognizable and fits any market or industry.

With a .dealer domain name, you  can stand out from competitors in your field. It can help your site look more professional and consolidate your online brand image. Additionally, you can improve your natural SEO—using “dealer” as a keyword can hightlight your speciality.

As .dealer domains are just released, there are still plenty of combinations available. Seize the chance to register the domains you like in corresponding phase.

Best timing for registering your domain name

Finally, don’t forget that the chances of getting domains goes down as time goes by. To help you to register domain names at the optimum time, we invite you to read: Maximize your chances at getting a newly released domain name.

Want to become an expert in your business?  Take .dealer as the name of your site!